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The Manufacturing Process

  • Step-1

    Roadway of getting a luxurious product from Ashva

    On its way to becoming a premium quality product, the Ashva products progress through several stages in the manufacturing process.

  • Step-2

    Inspection of Coming Goods

    Our goods department investigates carefully about the supplied leather quality. Leather is the primary material of every product of Ashva, so it is checked with utmost care for any defects.

  • Step-3

    Treating the Leather

    The inspected and good to go Leathers are treated in the following steps –

    • After removing the skin from the animal’s carcass, we soak it in containers containing lime and many other chemicals to loosen the hairs and the outer layer of the animal skin.
    • Then, we remove the inside flesh layer with chemicals or a knife.
    • The remaining hide is soaked again in lime and bacteria solutions to remove the residue part.
    • After that, we remove the hair from the hide.
    • Then, we soak the hide again in an acid solution to remove the lime left by all the previous soakings.

  • Step-4

    Designing of the product

    Our designing team carefully designs the layout of every item.

  • Step-5

    Cutting the Leather

    Then our skilled craftsmen meticulously cut the Leather according to the product. This part requires a lot of attention because it is the most crucial part before stitching and sewing.

  • Step-6

    Combining all the parts to make the product perfect

    It requires hard work and years of practice to stitch and sew Leather parts to make every item ready to use for you and your horse.

  • Step-7

    Decorative parts

    After every part is stitched, some product needs more decoration with wool, metals and other things to make it more durable and comfortable. In this stage, we stick to make the product more enjoyable.

  • Step-8

    Assembling everything

    After everything is done and the majority of the individual section is covered, we assemble every part and give it the proper shape of the product required.

  • Step-9

    Examining the final product

    We are proud to say that we have a lot of experience over a decade in this field, and many experienced riders are in our team, so we make sure by examining each and every product by the riders only to know that the product is up to the mark with our expectations and comfortable for the horses and the riders.

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    The Final Product

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