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Welcome To Ashva

Started by my grandfather in the 1970s, followed by my father and now me, we have three generations of hands-on experience in premium leather goods. We have the passion to source the softest leather and most hardwearing hides, the skill and craftsmanship to create the high-quality saddlery and equipment and the connections to ensure our supply chain is as sustainable as well as environmentally conscious as possible. We have been exporting premium quality leather goods to Europe for over 45 years. We are based in an industrial centre famous for its leather and textiles industries.


Reasons to Count On Us

Ashva means Horse, which implies power and that’s why we are here to deliver product that reflects the passion and power of riding. When it comes to riding it must be comfortable for both – the horse and the rider to give the exceptional performance, and that’s what our mission is. All the products of Ashva are flexible and athletic, which helps the rider and maximizes the performance with comfort. So when it comes to any product related to horse, Ashva is the only place and we pride ourselves as being the provider of premium horse products. The goal is to provide you with the products that are comfortable for the horse as well as you in a stylish way. We strive to be the top choice of the horse owners with our luxurious and comfortable horse products.

Our Mission

We believe that horses are more than an animal, they are athletes and our friend, and we must take good care of them. We appreciate your athletic nature and consider the need, so our skilled team strives to give you the comfortable and high-quality product at an affordable range that you and your horse would love.

Our Vision

To be the one and only choice of every rider globally. Relying on our years of knowledge and experience and an unrivalled passion for horses and riding, we can proudly say that we know how to bring you the best deals on all of your horse needs, and you can solely trust us.


Our knowledge in this field is over decades, and that is our USP. We strive to provide the best values possible so that you can get the time to spend on the things you love and worry less about the little things that give you comfort while riding.

Our Team

As part of our effort to provide our customers with the best service possible, we offer a specialized customer service team that works closely with our equine merchandising and purchasing team. This collaboration allows our Product Specialist Team to provide you with up-to-date product information and if you have a question, we can find the answer!

What We Offer

  •   Utmost commitment for customers
  •   Wide range of products
  •   Lifetime knowledge and experience
  •   Quality products
  •   Interesting occasional offers and deals
  •   Easy Shipping

Values We Stand By

  •   Offer the best products at honest price.
  •   No compromise with quality
  •   Skillfully crafted products
  •   Responsible Leather production
  •   Taking care of the environment
  •   Responsive to our beloved customers
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