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Martingales and its Uses & Benefits

Martingales and its Uses & Benefits

Ashva was started in the late 1970's and has years of experience in premium leather goods. At Ashva, we are passionate about equestrian products. From saddles to horse rugs, if you're looking for high-quality goods, you've come to the right place. We have various products available and we provide a vast range in these products with the best prices and discounts in the market, to read more about Ashva and about the products we provide, visit offer free express shipping all over the United Kingdom.

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Bridles, Breastplates, Martingales and Halters are among the products we have in store for you. A bridle is the most basic part of the horse's headgear which is use to guide or in simple words direct the horse. It acts as a source of communication and control for the horse. It comes in different sizes including pony, cob, and horse and oversized and to know about the various types of bridles we provide, visit Breastplates is a piece of riding equipment, used to keep the saddle or harness on a horse from sliding back. Not only does it protect the horse's saddle, but it also allows the big horse's shoulder to move and give the rider something to hold on to. Sometimes horses need them specifically for a job they do. To buy Breastplates and know more about them visit

Now let's start with what martingales are and why we need them in the first place?

Horses try to protect themselves from clumsy and newbie riders who use hard, rough hands and don't know how to combine the reins with either legs or seat properly. It can feel difficult and unnatural to use your hands on a horse, which is why we use them instinctively. The positioning of the rider's hand causes discomfort for the horse, leading to conflict behaviors, including head tossing or tail lashing. Hence, we need martingales or elastic rein inserts to reduce pain and discomfort caused by inexperienced and unsteady hands. They are designed
to reduce discomfort caused by novice riders. The reigns keep a horse from moving around too much and are a perfect tool for this, but they require some training. A martingale is a metal piece that attaches to the reins with strings across the horse's chest and signals it to slow down or stop.

Martingales Blog Ashva

A martingale is a type of equipment that is frequently used by horseback riders. The device helps in keeping the animal's head down, making them less likely to throw it in the air during certain events. It is done to ward off any blows to the rider's head and prevent the horse from lifting its head too high. When a horse jumps in a round-backed position, its back will be safer. It reduces the risk of injury and protects the lower back, shoulders and hips. A martingale strap helps with both horse training and rider safety. By bracing gently, it trains the
horse to keep its head up and it protects the rider's legs in case of sudden movements. A martingale is a critical piece of riding equipment because it protects both the horse and rider and helps prevent a good performance from being disrupted by lousy head carriage habits. Martingales are usually made of leather, though they can also be made of durable synthetic materials, but we at Ashva wants to provide the best to our customers hence we have Martingales for you in the very soft and best leather quality available (ox cow -we choose the
best quality leather for your needs) which make them durable. To buy from a vast collection of Martingale from Ashva and enjoy the best in quality Martingale.

We have three types of martingales for you Derby martingales, Juls martingales and York martingales.These are available in various ranges and colors, ideal if you are experimenting with tack to find the right solution without spending too much. To check out the derby martingale collection check out We then have a vast range in these martingales as well for you. We offer all the Martingales in various sizes from Pony, Cob to Full and you can choose according to your needs. We have Martingales in multiple colors from Tango Red, Leaf Green, Mocca, Dark Mustard, and others. These can be often seen at Hacking, Hunting and Jumping.The Martingale is entirely adjustable and the silver-colored buckles are made of rust-resistant stainless steel. It helps in preventing saddle slippage. They act as a great training tool for the horses. They are finely detailed; fancy stitching by the best craftsmen of our company giving them the polished and the perfect look and fit. To check out Juls martingale collection visit now.

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