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Bridles | the ashva - Premium Tack and Equestrian Store

Bridles | the ashva - Premium Tack and Equestrian Store

Horses become Turbulent if not Commanded

Guiding a horse to reach your destination to be the master of the game? If you ride a horse without a bridle, it would be an uphill battle to make your best friend support you in your game, but if you have a bridle to control a horse, then the ride would be easy and pleasant to you. It's going to be aesthetic.

Bridles are the leather straps that a rider can put on a horse’s head so that the horse can be controlled while riding. It gives the rider a command over the horse’s speed and gives you an edge to do all the manoeuvres which an ace rider can do!

Want to be an ace in riding? Ashva has a wide variety of bridles to make you the best at riding. It gives you and the horse a comfort zone that will make your ride memorable and pleasurable. Whether you are a horse rider or do it for recreation, we have everything for you!

It is an essential part of riding gear; without bridles, it can be extremely dangerous for someone to ride as it may also cause serious injuries. In addition, bridles give stability while riding and complete control over the horse.

Ashva manufactures these products with ample experience and great care for your horse and are smooth to handle for the rider, with ace quality of equipment material made with great affinity.

It comes to you in different varieties and is available in various colours and designs that you like, providing a classy and stylish look to your horse. It is available for you in different price ranges and sizes. M-Pony – medium-sized, L-Pony – large ponies, Cob, Full, Extra Full, and Cold Blood horses. You say, and we have it! You can count on Ashva for your horse’s comfort. The snaffle bridles are furnished with webbed reins, whereas double bridles with leather reins.

Fitting and Buckles

A horse looks more classy and hence gives those vibes to ride it passionately if the buckles are intact and shine with light. Harmonizing colours are taken to work to give a Chrome or brass-coloured furnishing. Ashva is obsessed with user satisfaction, so compromising with cheap hardware is not on the list for us!

Bridles Crownpieces

 A crownpiece is also an essential element of bridles; it gives a good bottom hold to the bridles in their place, which automatically is good to do equestrian activities. It gives support behind the horse's ears and plays the joint's role, which connects and keeps other parts of the bridle in their place. Asha makes crownpieces of standard dimensions suitable for the horses, and the work may go on smoothly. Most of the bridles have a buckle fastening feature on both sides, which can fit those having shorter heads.

It will be much more exciting if you look at it more closely, you will learn more about this equipment, and your buddy will become your bestie!


A browband is a part that is attached to the crownpiece over the head; it gives a structure to the complete gear, which makes it look beautiful. Passing through the lower area of the ear and moving towards the forehead then to the lower area of the other ear gives a firm grip while controlling the horse. It keeps the bridle in its place and does not allow it to slide, giving good balance.

Browbands come in various types, including U-shaped crystal browbands, pasting U-shaped browbands, padded browbands, and straight browbands. Each of them has its own impression and quality. Some of these, especially U shaped and V-shaped browbands, have crystals and stones, differentiating them from any other kind. Leather padded browbands also have a great demand though it's simple to look at but has a different class of its own. The most commonly used is straight browbands, which is easy to tie and is most comfortable for the horse. Ashva presents you three featured collections of browbands, consisting of browbands type 1, type 2, and type 3

Double Bridles

In looks, double bridles are the same as snaffle bridles, but as it is said that the devil lies in details, so here are the details. A double bridle comprises two bits, and two sets of reins which are often used in competitive dressage events, another common name of these is Weymouth bridles. Double bridles are in demand, mainly in saddle seat riding, and those events require formal attire or traditional attire. With the accurate technique, performance increases and look glamorous while riding.

If you want to do movements like passage and piaffe, then double Bridle will be very helpful, making it essential for the equestrian eventing. Ashva has three kinds of equipment in this collection.


One thing that makes British bridles different and eye-catching is the nosebands. As the name suggests, it surrounds the nose of the horse. One of the best use is that it keeps the bridle intact on the horse, giving a firm grip and a chance to add other parts to it; one such example is martingales.

Some of the nosebands become too intimidating for horses, so it needs to be taken care of that it should not be very tight and cause trouble to the horse.


If we talk about what connects a horse and its rider, no doubt it is a rein that has a vital connection between the horse's bit and the rider's hand. Most bridles feature reins that are rightly styled to complement the look and purpose of the bridle, which looks fantastic. The English reins come with a lot of variety, including those for Dressage, Hunting, Jumping, or Endurance.

Reins are made in different styles like laced, rubber, web, or woven. It is always advised to have a rein matching a bridle which makes it stylish and way more classy.

Snaffle Bridle

It has a lot of demand because of its multifunctional features, hence can be used with various styles of bit. These are primarily used in English lands for equestrian disciplines such as jumping, dressage, and trail riding.

It is also a popular attraction among horse jumpers. Multiple varieties of single snaffle bits such as egg butt, D-ring snaffle, loose ring, kimberwicks, gag bits, and curb bits come under snaffle bridle; a single set of reins is also attached to that bit.

ASHVA has all that for you. Try a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes with ASHVA and share your love with your LOVE!

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